183 Ferguson protesters arrested in L.A., many more than in other cities - square water bottle

by:Maker     2020-02-09
183 Ferguson protesters arrested in L.A., many more than in other cities  -  square water bottle
Los Angeles police arrested 183 protesters Tuesday night. -
On the second night of the protests ruled by the grand jury in the Michael Brown shooting, the figure was much larger than in other major cities across the country.
Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Baker said at a press conference on Wednesday morning that he said he could not talk about what happened in other parts of the country, but the Los Angeles Police Department and the Center for Health Protection "have been very generous in allowing the expression of 1st Amendment activities.
He said the police gave the protesters an "absolute opportunity" to say what they meant, but there was a limit.
He said police must take action once restrictions are reached.
"It is easy to demonstrate in the city of Los Angeles and will not be arrested," he said . ".
He added: "It is important for us that we do not become the subject of the discussion. "In total, L. A.
Police have arrested nearly 200 protesters since the start of the Ferguson protests.
Most of the arrests took place on Tuesday night.
Of the 183 people detained, 167 have been arrested for disturbing peace and 15 have been arrested for violating curfew, Baker said a person has been detained on suspicion of a felony, he threw a frozen water bottle at the head of a police officer.
"The Los Angeles Police Department wants to facilitate the real 1st Amendment activity," he said . ".
"However, we do not condone or allow individuals to trample on the 1st Amendment rights of others.
"After about nine hours of protests on the streets of Los Angeles, the demonstrators split into different groups, and some began to" serious civil disobedience, "Baker said ".
Demonstrators took the 101 highway on Grand Avenue, blocked the intersection and refused to disperse.
Most protesters were arrested near the headquarters of the Los Angeles Police Department in downtown Los Angeles.
Others were detained on Flower Street and nine, Temple Street and Broadway.
Police said they were placed in three separate detention facilities.
Baker said nine protesters were arrested Wednesday morning after the 101 highway was blocked on Alvarado Street.
On Monday, police arrested four protesters within hours.
Long demonstrations
A total of 196 people were arrested on Tuesday.
Baker said police will continue to allow people to express themselves through protests, but "cannot continue to spend resources chasing people around Los Angeles. "LAPD Cmdr.
Andrew Smith said the department plans to file charges against all arrested protesters, including those arrested on Wednesday morning.
In New York, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets on Tuesday night, 10 of them arrested.
According to The Associated Press, the arrest took place in Times Square;
Four people were accused of refusing arrest and six were accused of misconduct.
William Bratton, the New York police chief and former Los Angeles police chief, said the police gave the protesters room to breathe.
"Here are the number of arrests in several other hot spots across the country :--
Arrested 44 people in Ferguson, Missouri.
In the city where the Michael Brown shooting took place, protesters threw bricks through windows, lit police cars and fired weapons. --
Seven people were arrested in Portland, Oregon. Sgt.
Pete Simpson said that between 200 and 300 of people broke off with peace groups of about 2,000 people, hindering highway and bridge traffic: "vehicles, bicycles and transit traffic all night" A 37-year-
While the old man was in the car, a protester hit him in the face and the protester disappeared. --
21 arrests in Atlanta
Protesters broke the window and an official was shot and injured in the neck by demonstrators. --Oakland, Calif.
By the time the article was written, the police had not released the total number of arrests.
An official said "multiple people" were arrested after looting and vandalism.
Protesters fired at the Oakland Center for Health Protection site and set off fireworks.
Staff writer Amy Hubbard contributed to the report.
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