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Q1: What is PETG?

A1: PETG is a transparent plastic, is a non-crystalline copolyesters, light transmission rate of nearly 90%. Glycol-modified PET and copolyesters (PETG) offer a desirable combination of properties such as clarity, toughness, and stiffness. Drying is essential for PETG before injection molding. The moisture level must be below 0.04%. Drying temperature is not to exceed 66 C [150 F]. Drying at approximately 65 C [149 F] for 4 hours is recommended. Melt Temperature 220 C 290 C [428 F 554 F]; the melt temperature is grade specific Mold Temperature 10 C 30 C [50 F 86 F], recommended 15 C [60 F] Material Injection Pressure 30 MPa-130 Mpa Injection Speed High speeds without causing embrittlement Chemical and Physical Properties PETGs (or copolyesters) are glycol-modified PETs. The modification is achieved by adding a second glycol during polymerization. The resulting molecular structure is irregular and the material is clear and amorphous with a glass transition temperature of 88 C [190 F]. PETGs can be processed over a wider processing range than conventional PETs and offer a good combination of properties such as toughness, clarity, and stiffness.

Q2: What are the characteristics of FETG?

A2: PETG plastic material has good viscosity, transparency, color, chemical resistance, and anti-stress whitening ability. It can be quickly thermoformed or extruded blow molding. Its products are highly transparent, excellent impact resistance, especially suitable for forming thick-walled transparent products, the processing of forming excellent performance, according to the designer's intention to carry out any shape design.

Q3: What are the advantages of PETG plastic bottle?

A3: PETG plastic bottle has excellent thermoformability, toughness, weatherability, and excellent chemical resistance. With glass-like transparency and close to the glass density, can produce a unique shape, appearance and special effects, and easy to carry.

Q4: Is PETG plastic bottle environmentally friendly and recyclable?

A4: There is only CO2 and water left after buring of PETG plastic bottle, which can be a good protection of nature. Since 2006, Europe and the United States and many other developed countries are vigorously promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials similar to PETG. The raw materials can be fully utilized during production.

Q5: What are the main uses?

A5: PETG plastic bottles are widely used for juice, lotion, face cream, shampoo, shower gel, laundry detergent, kitchen cleaner, etc. 

(1) plate, sheet

The use of conventional molding methods, can be prepared 1 ~ 25.4mm thick transparent material, with outstanding toughness and high impact strength, the impact strength is modified polyacrylate 3 to 10 times, forming excellent performance, cold bending It is widely used in indoor and outdoor signs, storage racks, vending machine panels, furniture, construction and mechanical baffles. PCTG card is mainly used in Europe, but in North America, Asia has also been more and more applications. The reason is that it has a wide processing range, high mechanical strength and excellent flexibility, compared with PVC transparency, gloss, easy to print and have environmental advantages. PETG materials are used in credit cards. Visa is one of the world's largest credit card companies, with a global card issuance of 580 million in 1998. The company has recognized the diol modified polyester (PETG) for its credit card material. For countries where card materials are environmentally friendly, PETG can replace PVC materials. Visa also noted that the results from three different test plants show that PETG meets all the requirements of the International Standard for Credit Cards (150 / IEC7810), so PETG cards may be widely used here.

(2) Profile Can be formed pipe or a variety of profiles, its products hard, transparent, shiny, pressure is not white, easy to shape and post-processing, in line with environmental requirements, at the same time in line with the US FDA on food contact standards, widely used in building decoration and materials The Membrane with: specifically used in high-performance shrink film, a large dry 70% of the final shrinkage, can be made of complex shape container packaging, with high plasticity, high transparency, high gloss, low haze, easy to print, easy Shedding, storage, the advantages of low natural shrinkage, used in beverage bottles, food and culture; tings of shrink packaging and electronic products such as shrink labels. Which biaxially stretched. PETG film for high-end packaging, printing, electronic appliances, cable dressing, insulation materials and a variety of industrial areas of high-quality substrate. One-way stretch PET, heat shrinkable film for a variety of canned, polyester bottles, all kinds of containers and other external labels. Compared with PVC shrink film, PETG shrink film also has the advantages of environmental protection. Highly transparent, easy to break, easy to surface modification, to the US FDA on food contact standards, can be applied to food and medical products, etc., is particularly suitable for the manufacture of large-capacity thick transparent containers, field. In the beer plastic packaging, EASTMAN company for the Asahi company's new environmentally friendly plastic packaging beer bottles, is Eastal copolymer polyester film for sealing packaging materials, its shape is silver black, in the neck supplemented with black hole band Type of cover, can block the light, isolated air, to ensure the quality of beer, and has broken in the bottle to prevent the splash of explosion-proof function, shrink performance. Asahi company since the use of this packaging materials, Super Dry and Dunk beer sales have been substantial growth.

(3) cosmetic packaging 

PETG has glass-like transparency and close to the density of glass, good gloss, chemical resistance, impact resistance, and easy processing, injection molding, injection molding and extrusion blow molding. But also to produce a unique shape, appearance and special effects, such as bright colors, matte, marble texture, metallic luster and so on. But also the use of other polyester, flexible plastic or ABS for the formation of overlapping plastic injection molding. Products are perfume bottles and caps, cosmetic bottles and caps, lipstick tube, cosmetic case, deodorant packaging, talcum powder bottles and eyeliner pen sets and so on. PETG injection products are medical devices such as filters, eustachian tubes, pipe fittings, pumps, clamps and dialysis equipment. Household utensils such as cups, salad bowls, salt cans, pepper cans, etc., with excellent transparency, gloss, good toughness, processing and excellent coloring.

Q6: Is there any limit to the PETG plastic bottle shape?

A6: The shape of PETG plastic bottles are unlimited, and you can do it with angular shape, handle shape or special-shaped plastic bottles.

Q7: What kinds of colors can PETG plastic bottles do?

A7: PETG can do transparent color, solid color and semi-transparent color, can also be provided according to Pantone color number of customers to produce.

Q8: Is there any limits to specification of PETG plastic bottles?

A8: PETG can do the maximum capacity of 500ml, tooth mouth 18mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 32mm, 38mm; can also be customized according to customer demand for different sizes of different products.

Q9: How to distinguish this is PETG's product?

A9: The bottom of the blown article is a cross, and the triangle number is 1.

Q10: What process can PETG plastic bottle do?

A10: PETG plastic bottle can do engraving, painting, silk screen printing, hot stamping, labeling, shrink film and so on.

Q11: Does PETG plastic bottle only do screw type or you can do bayonet?

A11: PETG plastic bottle can do screw type mouth, can also do bayonet type.

Q12: Is it possible to make electroplating for PETG plastic bottle?

A12: PETG plastic bottles can be electroplated.

Q13: What are the packaging methods?

A13: Individual PP plastic bags + cartons.

Q14: What is the production process for PET?

A14: Mixing machine palette - machine heating and melting - drawing into pieces - mold blow molding - cooling molding - manual removal of scrap.

Q15: What are the uses and ranges?

A15: Heat shrinkable polyester film commonly used in convenience food, beverage market, electronic appliances, metal products, especially shrink labels is its most important application areas. If the customer's needs are drinking water bottles, it is recommended to do shrink film, the cost relative to silk screen, labeling cheaper, can to a certain extent, reduce costs.

Q16: How many colors can be made by silk screen?

A16: Generally do the range of four-color printing, and four colors can not have color overlap, otherwise affect the color effect. If the color is too much, on the one hand, high demand for color technology, easy to appear chromaticity are not allowed, on the other hand this increase the scrap rate, the cost increases, the gradient pattern can not do silk screen.

Q17: What is the printing process?

A17: To fix the printing plate on the Net machine-To dry the pattern fixed on the screen printing plate-To install the silk screen printing plate on the machine for mass production.